G5® Vibratory Therapy

The G5® Vibration Therapy System is the “Gold Standard” in the sports medicine industry for soft tissue massage. The state-of-the-art G5® Vibratory Massage Therapy System is the only system with three unique therapeutic actions for greater benefits including:

Multiple-Direction Stroking: The G5® Massage Therapy System simultaneously produces a horizontal and vertical action. This two-force action is effective in dislodging and mobilizing secretions and metabolic by-products, especially effective for lymphatic drainage and detoxification.

Gyratory Action: The unique combination of back-and-forth gyratory force with an up-and-down percussive force is very similar to the applied pressure and stroking of traditional manual massage for effleurage, petrissage and tapotement effects.

Percussion Action: The many choices of speeds and frequencies, especially at mid-range (30 – 35 Mhz), creates deep percussive penetration through muscle layers to provide many treatments and relief from sore and injured muscles.

We use G5® Vibration Therapy at Mosenthal Chiropractic to complement our Activator adjustments and other procedures. Not only is the G5® incredibly effective, it feels fantastic!

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