Orthopedic Dry Needling

Dr. Mosenthal has been doing acupuncture needle insertion therapy for over 30 years. Having studied and performed many different types of insertion techniques, the one he currently prefers is based on the work of Dr. Yung Ta Ma and is called Integrative Dry Needling (IDN). 

IDN is a neuroscience-based dry needling approach for pain management, physical rehabilitation and sports medicine. It systematically targets peripheral neurogenic sensitivity to reduce neurologic burdens, optimize neurologic capability, improve neuro-immune function, and maximize systemic homeostasis to achieve the optimum clinical results. Whereas many techniques offer some therapeutic value (ultrasound, massage therapy, Graston, foam rolling), they are still surface modalites that minimally change the aberrant receptors that are causing your pain. IDN can target receptors at the very deepest level, helping to heal them and restoring normal receptor activity. When you are looking for fast, effective and long lasting pain relief, IDN is unsurpassed.

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